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Hi. Thanks for the click and the visit. I'm Bill the Geek. I'm an international Web Design Tutor.. People contact me from English speaking countries all over the World that need a Private Web Design Tutor.


Why do people want a Private Web Design Tutor? You can go to college for web design. That's great. All learning is good. The thing is, by the time you get out and go in debt to pay the bill, most of what you have learned is to old to use when it's time to get a job.


Many of my clients take on line classes with 100 other people ( or more ) taking the class. These clients ask me to be their Private Web Design Tutor usually because they don't understand the assignments and the instructor doesn't really understand the assignment either.


Private Web Design Tutor


As your Private Web Design Tutor, I share with you the information that you need to know to move ahead in Web Design right now. I can literally teach you everything that you need to know to start making money, or get a job in the field of Web Design.


The site you are on right now, Sillybilly.com, is one of the oldest sites on the internet. I was investigated by the FBI back in the mid 1990's, along with Disney, because the Feds didn't understand why people were building these things called Web Sites.


A lot has changed since then. A lot changes everyday. People use cell phones more than they watch TV, code changes have happened, web building applications have come and gone. One must be on top of All Things Web at all times.


I'm Bill the Geek, I'm Your One on One, Private Web Design Tutor.


Video Tutorials Backup for You.


As your Private Web Design Tutor, we meet one on one via GotoMeeting.com. You can see my computer, I can see your computer, we have live, FM quality sound. We don't see each other, just the important stuff, applications and code. You can record the sessions and review them at your leisure instead of taking notes.

For the courses I teach;


Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Flash CC
Adobe Illustrator CC


I have more than 130 videos that you can use as resources. Many times I can tell you to watch this or that video. This way you don´t have to pay me for that time, I can refer you to the video to answer many of your question(s).


Drop Me a line by click my contact button above or give me a call, 415 839 0096, I'm in the cave most of the time.


I'm Bill the Geek, Your Private Web Design Tutor.