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Private Web Design Tutor


Yes, mostly I´m a Private Web Design Tutor. So what does a Private Web Design Tutor actually do. Though I live and have lived in lovely Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for more than 8 years, 95% of my clients are in the United States. The other 5% are in English speaking nations around the world.


As a Private Web Design Tutor, people come to me to learn how to construct a web site. I use Adobe Dreamweaver CC, but of course, a web site is a web site, it´s all html5, css3, some images, flash, video and maybe some php, so WHATEVER, they come to me for help. Code is code, I share many different methods of creating it (some clients don´t want to learn code, I help them too).


As a Private Web Design Tutor, my clients work with me one on one. We work by appointment. They can see my computer, they can allow me to see their computer, we have live FM quality sound. They pay me at the end of the session via Paypal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


I teach and consult all kinds of people with all kinds of needs, most small business owners or people that work for themselves. Some are starting a brand new web site, some are trying to work doing web design, some have a web site that need updating or changed. Many are working with SEO issues, I´m very good at that too.


Day to day I teach and consult in SEO, CSS, HTML5, Adobe Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Flash Professional CC, Responsive Web Design and Wordpress. drop me a line, I would be happy to share time with you ( no, this is not free ).


How to Learn Dreamweaver

Does This Private Web Design Tutor do Web Sites for others.


The answer to that is MAYBE! I have a few clients. I really don´t want 2,000,000 clients. The few clients that I have understand that developing a web environment takes time. The few clients that I have understand that a change in their web environment will take time, hours to develop and complete. The few clients that I have value their web presence as they do their car or their house. The few clients that I have have money, work hard for their money in an honest fashion. The few clients that I have are happy, respectable, life loving people.

Potential clients that are rude and cheap? I cut them out of my life years ago.


Other Bill the Geek Projects


In the works I have a cartoon series, brand new. It´s really for Adults. I´m creating character are now in Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop.


The “I work at home” video series is HERE.


The Adobe Dreamweaver CC video series continues to ROCK THE WORLD, of people learning web design.


That´s it from Bill the Geek, Full time Private Web Tutor. If you think I can be of assistance, and you have some cash for my time, then give me a call, 415 839 0096. Or, feel free to click my contact button.