Working With HyperStudio

The Lincoln Project.

A Whole Elementary School works together to create an interactive, Hyperstudio Book dealing with conflict resolution.

Lincoln Elementary School in lovely Portsmouth, Ohio, gave us a jingle and asked us to come in and help all of their students work together to create a "product". Their school district was beginning to bring some brand new computers into the district so the Lincoln staff wanted to introduce the computers to their students in a fun and exciting way. They asked Silly Billy's World to present options for a creative writing project.

They decided to go with the, "Hyperstudio" production option. The school staff decided to create a story that dealt with conflict resolution. At the beginning of the project I thought that we would write one story. You know, come up with a story line, make up characters, break the story into three parts and then write and rewrite the story. finally, the students would create the graphics on the computer in a program called, "Kid Pix."

To find a story line, we asked each classroom to come up with a story line. Each of the classrooms did, but each one was very different. It was difficult to decide which one to use. Then it hit us. Let's us them all. This is Hyperstudio. Let's make the story interactive and educational.

It ended up that each classroom had come up with a story line made up of a conflict situation that could take place in an elementary school environment. So, we went back to the classrooms, first through fifth grade, and asked them to come up with three wrong ways for the characters in their storylines to solve their problem and one right way to solve the problem.

The End and The Beginning of the Story

We decided that the middle of the story would be more like a computer game. The user would be presented with the problem, then they would be given answers to choose from. The user of the computer program would have 8 problems do go through. Conflict situations such as tattle telling, bullying, lying, stealing, teasing, and the like.

To put the whole story together, the students came up with a couple of characters that had decided to create a computer program in Hyperstudio for the science fair. We plugged in these characters to the beginning and the end of the "story."

Creating Graphics.

All of the students in the school were introduced to the graphics program called Kid Pix. If you are thinking of the Kid Pix that used to have only 16 colors and was used on those old Apple II e's, you're mistaken. The new Kid Pix is out of this world and worth your review.

Each of the students were asked to draw faces. Faces from the front view and the side view. The same students used Kid Pix to draw clothing. Then, the students were asked to draw backgrounds. Kid Pix makes it very easy to do all of the above.

Using cut, copy and paste from the edit menu, we put the faces, clothing, and backgrounds together creating interactive scenes. Then, we trained a group of students to put the entire project together in Hyperstudio using sound effects and commands.

Lovely Portsmouth, Ohio is somewhat rural. Many of the students had not had much time to spend with cool computers that had been brought in by the school system. At the end of each hands on session, students would almost have to be pried away from "their" computers.

The students and teachers fell in love with their new electronic friends. I look forward to many more progressive projects from Principal, Hilda Drake and her fantastic students and staff.

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