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The Links to the left take you through the basics of Computer Graphics.  Over the next weeks, we will offer tips for Flash, PhotoShop, xhtml, DreamWeaver, Fireworks and Illustrator.

Most of our posting will share concepts that can be used with any graphics application.

Computer Art is the Best! Enjoy!

Free Wired Magizine
This Magizine is Free, fun and helpful to
Web Designers.  I love it.

I find that learning PhotoShop, Flash, DreamWeaver, and Illustrator can be very challenging when reading a book about them.  Many times I wished I could just call the book author and ask them questions.

After using and teaching these programs for 13 years, I'm tutoring students around the globe via web conferencing.  It's fun, and I'm happy to help them not go through what I went through, being alone with those big thick books about computer art.

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