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I must say that Adobe Flash (created by Future Splash, then purchased by MacroMedia, then purchased by Adobe), is one of my favorite applications. I´ve created 30 minute animated cartoons with Flash. I did a Ryder´s Golf ad for Citi Group with Flash, I´ve worked with 1000´s of clients sharing with them how to create Flash sites, edit Flash Templates, and other types of presentations.

I took all Flash files off my site about 2 years ago when the crap hit the fan from Apple. But now, with Responsive Web Design, there is definitely a place for Flash again on the web.

Adobe came out with a new product that is kind of like Flash called Adobe Edge. To my knowledge, and as of this writing, Adobe Edge is only available with the the Adobe Creative CC Suite. I hope that changes so that you can buy it as a stand alone.

For what most of my clients wanted to do using Flash, you can get it done very simply using Edge (it´s not really easy, that´s why you want to contact me). I have one client that does all of her sites totally in Edge. The newest edition of Adobe Edge respects Responsive Web Design andRWD is built into the Edge publishing process. I find that to be an excellent plus.

Below, you will see a list of subjects and topics related to Flash/Edge. They are so similar, that I have keep the Flash list only. Referrals to Actionscript 2 and 3 should be disregarded as you review the list. We can go through each and every item in the list order. Or, You can tell me,¨ I don´t need to know that, I need to know this, this and that. If you see something that is not on the list that you want to know, let me know. Most likely, I know it, and didn´t put it on the list.


Drop me a line! Give me a call 415 893 0096. We can start TODAY!

Possible Course Outline

Introduction to Flash

Basic Animation Techniques

Adobe Flash Intermediate

Interactivity, Publishing, and Complex Content Creation

Adobe Flash ActionScript 1, 2 & 3.0

Interactive Presentations

Adv. Action Scripting in Flash

Animating with ActionScript and Load Movies