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Responsive Web Design Teacher

Responsive Web Design Teacher

Responsive Web Design Teacher


Responsive Web Design Teacher




Congratulations. You actually know what Responsive Web Design is, or you know the terminology anyway. That´s how you got here. Most people are still scrambling around trying to figure out what it (Responsive Web Design) is.


People know what it does, but you would be surprised at the number of people that don´t know what to call developing for cell phones, developing for mobile devises, developing for large screen televisions all at the same time with one html document and one, or a couple of CSS Style sheets.


Yes, you clicked the button, you did the search, you know the term Responsive Web Design, and you´re in the right place, because I am a Responsive Web Design Teacher.


Like you, my clients come to me from all over the English speaking world (that means just about everywhere on the planet). I would say, most of them have a limited html and/or CSS knowledge base. With each of them, my challenge is to listen to what they want to know and figure out the best way to help them move ahead in learning how to master this new web creation experience.


Am I a Responsive Web Design Teacher? Ok, you can say that. I think of myself as a person with thousands hours of experience with Responsive Web Design, that listens to others, and shares what works best when.


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is very strange when you first get into it. I remember doing it for the first time. It was like taking a trip to the moon. Lots of strange and different stuff involved.


Now that I´ve created, and have helped people create and edit thousands of pages using different methods, as a Responsive Web Design Teacher (or whatever you want to call me), I share what is right, what is efficient, and what to look out for with your projects and with you client(s).


I´d be happy to help you. Why beat your head against the wall for hours when I´m just an email, or a phone, or a screen share away.