Free Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials

Hello there and thanks for visiting the Bill the Geek, Free Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials place on this World Wide Web.

You can skip my babble and scroll down to see the Free Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials.  That start right after this text box.

I created these videos so that you would not have to go through what I went through the first time I purchased, installed, launched and tried to use Adobe Illustrator. What a nightmare that was for me. If you watch these Free Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials, you´ll be up and running, being an artist in Adobe Illustrator.

The First time I purchased Adobe Illustrator was back in 1993 (maybe a few years before that). Back then, computer graphics were new to everyone. I was so happy to buy an application that I could use on my Mac to create my art (children´s books illustrations). After about a week of frustration, I shut Adobe Illustrator down, and I don´t remember opening it for several years. Photoshop was easy to understand so I got my job done in there. I had no idea what I was missing out on with Adobe Illustrator. You got to love those Vectors. Paths and Anchor Points.

Years later, a computer graphics school in downtown San Francisco saw my Photoshop skills and offered me a job. They wanted me to teach Adobe Illustrator. Chills went up and down my spine. They wanted me to teach Adobe Illustrator to corporate designers from the Gap, Old Navy, Wells Fargo, Visa Headquarters, Genenteck, Sony and privately owned graphic design companies in the Bay Area. They told me that with my Photoshop and other computer graphics skills, they would train me the ends and out of Adobe Illustrator. And that they did.

For the next five years, Adobe Illustrator was my life. I learned more about Adobe Illustrator than I ever wanted to know.

I have created this series of Free Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials to help people that are starting out with Adobe Illustrator. Maybe you are totally new to computer graphics, maybe you are experienced with Photoshop and you are making the move to Illustrator. Or, maybe you have been using Adobe Illustrator for years, but you are still using the habits that you stumbled upon to get things done.

I suggest that when you watch any one of these Free Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials, you stop, and practice. Stop and play, Stop and play, Stop and play. The more you stop and play, the better off you will be.

These videos are from a version of Illustrator that is not the most current version.  That does not matter.  The tools in these videos will work and be greatly appreciated when understood in the current version of Illustrator.

So, that´s the scoop. The Free Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials are below. Watch them, and remember, Stop and play often.

Be Warned.

You are about to see some old and ugly videos on old and ugly pages. But tell you what, what you are about to see are essential concepts and tools for the most modern version of Illustrator. So just click the links, click the play button and you will enjoy.