Bootstrap Templates with Tutorials

Welcome to Bill the Geek's, “Bootstrap Templates with Tutorials.” How many hours have you spent trying to figure out where to place pictures, change backgrounds, text sizes, link colors and more after you download a free template. In our Bootstrap Templates with Tutorials, Bill the Geek provides you with step by step video instructions that make it easy to understand how to take control of the Bootstrap web site that you are about to create.

See the overview video.

Bootstrap Templates with Tutorials

Save Time

Our Bootstrap Templates with Tutorials save you hours and days. Download the template. Launch the video, and get ready to create your web site.


Background and other page image sizes are covered in a special segment of our tutorials. Not just the width and height of the images, but the line number of the html or css files are included in the video instructions.

Move Ahead

After you complete one site, you will be able to revamp the images, colors, and content and create something brand new for your site, or a client's site.

SEO Ready!

Once you make all of the changes to make these templates your own, who cares if on one ever sees it. In our Bootstrap Templates with Tutorials, we have a special video segment on how to take your web site or web page to page one on Google. Have you ever in your web experience seen this? Priceless!

We have plugged in instructions for keyword phrases, discription, title and h1 tags. In our special SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) video, we share where to put your “alt” tags in for images and more.

Of course you will have social media buttons for your or your client's site. If are new to coding your social media buttons, that task can be a real pain in the butt the first time. It can be a pain in the ass the 10th time too. In our Bootstrap Templates with Tutorials, Social Media segment, we share with you what to put where and why. Priceless!

180 plus Total Videos

Our Bootstrap Templates with Tutorials are template specific. This means that we show you step by step how to customize the html, css, seo and images for the template(s). The fact of the matter is, you will have questions. Our template tutorials are a part of 180 additional tutorials that cover CSS3, CSS3 layout, CSS3 Responsive Web Design, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, SEO, Wordpress and more. If you get lost in the template, we have lots of additional information in here to help you clear the fog.

Bill the Geek

This Bootstrap Templates with Tutorials section will continue to grow for years to come. As this section grows with the ever changing web, so will the other video portions of our site.