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So you downloaded Wordpress, installed it, and you are ready to go right. Maybe not.


I´m Bill the Geek, and I´m a Wordpress Teacher. I´m a Wordpress Teacher for people that are confused about how to control Wordpress. That´s what it´s all about isn´t it? Control.


You have a business, you are an artist, you are a photographer, you are a real estate agent or maybe you are a web designer that has used Dreamweaver for years and now your clients want Wordpress. These are only a few of the reasons people have when they come to me so that I will be their Wordpress Teacher.


Wordpress is way easier that writing the html, css and php that makes Wordpress work (though, if you want to go to the next step in web design and get way ahead of the competition I would strongly suggest you contact me so I can help you master those codes too, not necessary, just a thought).


After you install Wordpress, you want to control it. You may have real basic questions like, “What is a theme? What theme should I use? Should I use Wordpress.com for free or should I get a web host? What is a plugin? What is the difference between a plugin and a widget? What is the best way to make my page show up on page one of Google (Search Engine Optimization, SEO). As your Wordpress Teacher, I can help you understand the answers to these questions and control Wordpress.


As a Wordpress teacher, I have watched hundreds of videos and purchased thousands of dollars worth of books. I have to. This is what I do for a living. It takes me hours and hours and hours of reading and viewing time to stay on top of things. Do you have that much time?


When I´m watching the videos and reading the books, many times I have questions, or a major question, and I´m going from this book to that book trying to get the answer. Does that happen to you?


As your Wordpress Teacher, you tell me what you want to know. As your Wordpress Teacher, you tell me what you already understand. As your Wordpress Teacher, I give you the answer in minutes or seconds saving you time and money (and hair too, you want to keep you hair don´t you).


I do this all of the time. I have many clients with many different needs. That's good for you because everyday, I see, I experience, I learn and I teach Wordpress issues that are going on right now, today, April 4th, 2014.


When you see a video, or read a book, that´s dated material. When you share time with me. It´s up to date material.


I´d be happy to be your Wordpress Teacher/Tutor/Consultant/Helper.